10. Formal Looks of Streetstyle for a Family Meal in Holy Week

The Holy week in the majority of families bring eternal family meals common in Spanish society. Those meals in which one feels but does not know when it is going to raise. Those meals in which the choice of clothing tends to be towards the more formal look to satisfy all eyes.

The elected Assembly must pass the approval of more members than in competitions such as the X Factor or OT. If your grandmother, if your aunt or see during the year but does not support this long so reduced… a non-stop, go. So best we opted for something comfortable and formal without losing the style that always characterizes us. 10 Street looks that can inspire us to these foods.

We are in the season of color and that we must take advantage of it. It is better that we should look for something formal to the food, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go as a nun. We choose a bright cheerful, as the Orange or red to combine with black.

The color block It may be a still more lively option. Blazers in electric blue with tops in a salmon-colored alive rosa returning to mingle with the rest of the garments black.

Even if we choose something typical like a Navy Blue blazer and a white top you can opt for a pink bat pleated long skirt to have that touch of color in clothing.

And it won’t be by options this season. The cigarette pants renewed with bright colors to leave those street looks more modern. The pink version Honeysuckle It is omnipresent in many styles. We solve it with a grey shirt and a black jacket.

The same as with trousers wine color. Verand theegant, they will give us the same option of mixed with black and gray.

leaving the side color, something that these months I can’t because my summer is synonymous with joy and color, another trend that we have at hand is the recovery of 70 and therefore the pants campaign in the broader form of jeans and shirts of air hippie where not miss clogs.

There is also a nod to the 90 where the palazzo pants they returned to have his moment. Black and white and we remove concerns.

We continue with current trends as the us left the lingerie fabrics and the lace in blouses romantic cutting blank which can be nicely combined with the baggy pants in beige and the jackets of black leather that we have for the wardrobe, perfect for halftime.

And if you are looking for is something still more simple this look come as ring finger.