Chloe Says Goodbye to Phoebe Philo

No doubt Chloe It will be tremendously embarrassed by the unexpected progress of Phoebe Philo.

First of all as right hand of Stella McCartney, and subsequently as Creative Director, Philo contributed to the Parisian firm a rejuvenated and very current way of understanding the French chic.

Her latest collection, which was entirely French-style, to be designed on computer, it lacks personality and falls very much into stereotypes.

Predilection for ringtones marengos and terrareos, the ubiquitous presence of the poncho

A very usable from the urban point of view collection.

Now we’ll see how it faces the French House as important support progress. Elegance and savoir fair French will not disappear, that we know for sure, but shall continue with the fantastic career.

Only time not clarify that doubt.