Do You Have Some Loose Euros? Victoria Beckham Opened His Fashion Shop Online

Today goes British successfully. First it was Stella McCartney lauded with the order of the British Empire and now we see a perfect example of how to reconvert to the fashion market sweeping. I’m talking about Victoria Beckham, not famous, but the designer, who has just of Open your online store to buy your entire collection. If you have a few euros loose better reserve them, store them in a pot and wait until you multiply before you go in to buy some of their designs.

Victoria Beckham is one of the unknowns of the current fashion that most fascinate me. Whenever I hear his name I remember the data that is used by 2011: would come or not to the 69 million euros of profit in that year? As much as I have tried to find if in the end it became a reality I have not given with figures.

With the opening of its new store online it is possible that 2011 figures end up as scarce at this point. The British designer has had with King & Partners to launch the online trading platform.

According to WWD 20% of the business of the Victoria Beckham fashion line comes from sales at other stores through other retailers, so now you want to save are intermediaries, such as other brands, having its own global showcase.

Victoria Beckham sells almost all countries of Europe, such as Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Ireland, among others.

The bags you have them available from 350 euros in a clutch of hand to 2,495 euros in a bag of white leather with gold plated chain.

Regarding the clothing we found its main line, its lower line victory, with dresses from 595 euros and line denim with more “affordable” prices, starting from basic with tops for 95 euros. Nor are missing their glasses retro Sun (from 375 euro) features.

The best thing: despite the few hours since they opened the online store already is sold out items.