Doubt of the Reader: Can You Wear a Tie with Shirt Outside of the Pants?

Being the tie, an accessory is usually connected to the formal attire, a lot of people have doubts when you combine the piece with casual clothes, and insecurity if the look has anything out of the ordinary as in the case of the shirt used on the outside of the pants. As many readers have already shown fear and doubts about this type of combination, I believe that is a good to talk about it.

Doubt of the Reader Can You Wear a Tie with Shirt Outside of the Pants

Tie with shirt outside of the pants: right or wrong?

If the combo was formal I would say that is completely wrong, but as it is a combination of super casual the accessory is allowed, and, say, well, relaxed.

Which shirt do you use?

Models casual with plaid, stripes or micro pattern are the best, however, if the shirt saves a lot of similarity with the social may not be a good idea to use it that way. The length is also important, this look is best with a shirt that go up to half hip, with the tie ending approximately 10 cm before.

Which tie to wear?

You can use any kind of tie, but the skinny or slim made with different materials of the jacquard (silk or polyester) always has a footprint much cooler that goes down very well in this case, as the crochet, knitted, wool, linen, or even denim.

Tie with shirt outside of the pants: where to use?

A walk at the mall, going to a movie or meeting in the daytime in a place totally informal, are good occasions for a look as well, on the other hand the ballads sophisticated, dinners with the minimum of formality, restaurants and luxurious meetings night ask for something more aligned. To work is only allowed if your company really does not care for dress codes and you will not have to meet with any client on the day, because not everybody think professional this type of costume.

Who can you use it?

Any one, it is a question that involves more style than age, physical type, or the belief in the existence of alien life. If you feel the will dressed like that, go ahead!

Which node to use?

The classic and simple four-in-hand is the best choice, since you don’t have a lot of volume, but there are those who like the half-windsor. The we super elaborate and modern as the Eldrege will draw a lot of attention to the collar and the ideal is that the person has a more global vision the look.