Good, Nice and Basic: Streetstyle Bottom of Cabinet

I have to confess something. I begin to be a little tired of the streetstyle. And is that what began as a way of see the real clothes in real people, increasingly it is becoming something more artificial. Why I seek in this post the return to the real thing, to see how much party are able to pull the streetstylers to the clothing wardrobe.

Don’t want to mock poses, impossible scenarios, or clothing that is specifically selected for the photo, because I bet neck to which what look do not carry that clothes in real life. If the streetstyle becomes a publisher of fashion, with included Photoshop, borrowed clothes and body model, where is the difference?.

So I want clothes that all have in the closet, I want that girls with style me show as give a twist to the basic long without becoming entangled in looks impossible. BUSCO the best ideas with wardrobe clothes.

The white shirt

Most basic impossible. The white shirt applies to all, formal or informal, it combines with jeans as with a pencil skirt. The same is true of white t-shirts. The combo white t-shirt more jeans is the most repeated in the history of the 20th and 21st century.

The black dress

Now that we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the film breakfast at Tiffany’s and the charming Holly Golightly, the character who revitalized the Little Black Dress, reclaimed it as a garment that continues now and forever. Changed completely with a few plug-ins or other.

The jeans

The wildcard that we all use when we don’t know who put us. The jeans they form a very important part in our looks and also of the streetstylers. Skinny, boyfriends, widths, a cowboy world is at our feet.

The trench

Blessed Spring clothing. The classic Gabardine invented by Burberry (and versioneada) in a thousand different ways is the ideal piece for autumn, their first colds and their first rains.

Black blazer

Over dresses or jeans, how many ballots has saved us a good black jacket. Rahpunen and Dew bloggers know you take much advantage.

Thanks to the girls who hang looks with clothes from your closet (not with clothes that only buy for the photo and then returned), which combine the same garment in different ways, to the remain faithful to his style despite the blog. We do not want costumes, we want your essence and authentic style.