Hollywood Stars Gravy for Getting around

It is known that celebrities are equipped by designers at major events. But that they collect even vast sums of money for it, is absurd. Hollywood stylist Jessica Paster betrayed now that up to 225,000 euros in the petty cash of stars flow – for a dress they wear on the red carpet.

Whether at the Oscars, the Golden Globes or last as a at the Cannes Film Festival – red carpet appearance in a critically acclaimed outfit can change the life of a celebrity – and the a designer. Because such moments can contribute to the rise and fall of a brand, to tear labels so that cream de la cream of Hollywood stars to equip. To bind the customers themselves, incredibly high fees scroll down here.

225,000 euros for an appearance
Jessica Paster, who dresses such as Emily Blunt (32) and Miranda Kerr (32), betrayed now at a panel of the stylists on the vulture in Hollywood, actresses between 90,000 and 225,000 euros to be paid so that they are quite particular dress at a major ceremony in a show Festival top stylist. But not only that! Also the stylists are rewarded with up to 45,000 euros, when they put on the ‘correct’ dress a celebrity. Jessica Paster explains the phenomenon: “I’m sure if an outfit is terrible, no money will help. “But if a dress looks great and you choose it anyway, why should one assume no money for it?” There is no official contracts allegedly. If the star decides suddenly different, there’s no bailout.

Target brand Ambassador of a luxury brand
Why stylists are becoming increasingly important in the world of the rich and the rich, says stylist Brandon Maxwell, who works for Lady Gaga (29): “stars engage stylists, because they are more successful and make more money with them.” Because if they look good, they are not only often booked, they earn to the increasing sales of the labels they wear.” Designer and actor so benefit from close cooperation with the designers. The biggest coup for all parties is when a popular first class celebrity even brand ambassadors for a luxury brand and is in their advertising campaigns.

Do young designers here have left?
And what do young designers that it can afford to spend so much money? Lesser-known labels are most often used for Schnellschüssen train. Means: If a star needs an extraordinary outfit at the last minute.




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