Inoxcrom by Davidelfin

Another “marriage” of design is formed by the designer Davidelfin and Inoxcrom. The young local designer has created a collection of pencils and pens for the more trendy. In his bid for the originality and Vanguard, the Malaga creator thus makes its first foray into the industry of desktop items.

In Inoxcrom by Davidelfin, which is how the line is called the designer reinterpreted the Model B-55, the more Chic of the sixties. Usual brand colors (black, white, red, green camouflage and blue) combined with its main signs of identity, as the cross, icon creator has tattooed on his right arm, the calligraphy get writing with his left hand and latin, used as a starting point for the inspiration of its new collections. Aghata Ruiz de la Prada and Jordi Labanda they have already worked with Inoxcrom, which in recent times has become one of the leading exporters of Mediterranean creativity applied to writing material. Sure with Davidelfin designs, this collection has the guaranteed success.