Intelligent Bikini Warns Against Too Much Sun

Because woman sunbathing likes to forget the time and may have precisely the unhealthy consequences, there is now the first bikini with built-in skin protection warning function.

If in the future while sunbathing, your cell phone rings, you should respond: it could be the UV protection of your bikinis!

From Spinali design swimwear and towels, which can measure, are for the first time whether the UV exposure is too strong.

First intelligent swimwear
The French company Spinali Design brings the first bikini on the market, which can warn of harmful sun exposure. Tiny sensors are incorporated into the fabric that sound the alarm If the UV exposure is too strong and burns. The wearer Gets a notification via your Smartphone, to switch in the shade or to add Sun protection – in the “Valentines” version of the cream a appeal to the partner.

Call: Skin protection!
The project had been on the “sight of people who already looked like lobster and still remained in the Sun”, a kind of spontaneous reaction brands Chief Marie Spinali explains in an interview with Wirtschaftsblatt “LaTribune”. As core markets we seek Australia and Brazil, where the ozone hole was the largest. The product range included already swimsuits and Tankini at a price of between 150 and 200 euros, also intelligent beach towels. A line of children with an integrated GPS system to alert the parents was in work.

Model Keleigh Sperry still does the UV protection bikini. Is white but as important cream with Sun care while sunbathing.

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