Keira Knightley Revives to Coco Chanel in 1913 with Karl Lagerfeld Film, ‘Once Upon a Time’

Karl Lagerfeld It is not enough with the world of fashion and the thousand projects that have open. The German designer also wants to try his luck with the world of cinema and so it proved luck with a medium-length film entitled ‘Once Upon a Time’ with Keira Knightley converted in Coco Chanel. The result? Better than any of their latest collections.

Keira Knightley, Stella Tennant, Lindsey Wixson, Tallulah Harlech and the French actress Clotilde Hesme are some of the recognized faces of this short film that returns from the hand of the black and white to 1913 the first Chanel shop in Deauville, on the Normandy coast.

Again Karl Lagerfeld returned to having some of their women fetish. Keira Knightley already has been the image of Coco Mademoiselle, Stella Tennant does not lack in their campaigns, as well as Lindsey Wixson and Tallulah Harlech is none other than the daughter of Lady Amanda Harlech, Muse of the French firm. Together with them we see other fetishes such as Saskia de Brauw, Caroline de Maigret or Ashleigh Good, among others. Baptiste Giabiconi could not miss this adventure.

‘Once Upon a Time’ emerges as a tribute to the one hundred years old by Chanel since the inauguration of its first boutique. A memory of fashion that Karl Lagerfeld wanted to record more naturally giving the actors lines that corresponded them dialogue minutes before start recording.