Low-Cost Street Style Clothes in Zara, Mango and Asos

Giving a tour of the network, we have encountered with some ideal looks that we wanted to show you by its simplicity and how easy it is to copy with low-cost garments.

We have three different looks for every day of different estilo:uno more indie, another more retro and more functional, which you can see in the picture above. Without more, we showed you the other two looks and with which clothes can get them.

First look with items of Zara

The look of home especially drawn us attention by its simplicity and functionality. The mixture of the shirt printed in dark blue with the cardigan in camel is a good mix. In Zara we find clothes that can give us the desired effect.

There are precious prints as this horse, very but very retro.

A simple cardigan is the perfect complement to this type of shirts. In addition we are lucky, since this year, you may have noticed that it is the year of the point.

If you are looking for jeans that are not too low as to who the girl in the photo looks, you are lucky because at Zara, we found nearly identical model.

To finish the set, boots laces in black with a little heel or platform you slim and in addition are authentic trend this fall-winter.

Second look with clothes Mango

The second look is a simple and very feminine, perfect outfit for mornings and evenings of winter. If you like to carry the clothing with vintage-inspired, this is your look.

Dresses printed with cut at the waist are purely 1970s. This mango is beautiful and you will also go well for those mornings of non-stop that just to expand until the night.

The velvet is one of the fabrics of the season. Chocolate-brown and a garment as an American vintage air it add to any styling.

Finally, the shoes. That are tall and wide heel if you’re looking for is this air of which we speak, also are not as uncomfortable as the needle. Precious.

Third look with garments of ASOs

The third look that we show is much more youthful and why not say it quite simple. A maxi-cardigan with vintage belt, socks and loafers in patent leather make this look a very young look.

A cardigan over the knee you can serve as a dress. Choose simple and neutral colors as the camel or Navy Blue and give him more use than you can imagine.

A belt in camel color is a basic to life. Tries to be skin and if you can also give two turns better.

Finally, a few loafers in black or camel. Will be your best friends this winter and next spring.