Mango Store Opening Last Night in Berlin

Mango celebrated guests yesterday evening at his exclusive shop opening at the Hackescher Markt – and what would such an opening without proper anti-riot and Remmidemmi? Flat, no Berlin shop opening. There have been celebrities ran carted what keeps the stuff, a magnificent Mimi was delicate and wonderful sounds and who was considered lost in the Geknipse who came wild become photographers, and via trampling. The AMANO bar was finally due further: with djane Palina round was started two of the party.

Want mango make a piece of us happier now in middle on 400 square metres and invited: Anastasia Zampounidis, Willson Gonzales and wife Bonny strange, Peer Kusmagk together with friend or the one or other Sat1/Pro7 / RTL made actor and GNTM ladies next to our favorite fellow to the random noise, Josie Loves okcool, Metropolitan circus waching an evening quite beautiful, if too damn hot. Our highlight: The charming daughter of Marius Muller-Westernhagen, Mimi, which you soon will hear even more with us, because we were able to interview her before her appearance still afloat. Unsuitable as in the Nike Sport outfit we might not have actually, because all other guests in the shop had dressed up pretty. But now, time to change did not remain and to miss the store opening was not in there. Was nice nevertheless.
The already expected video with Terry Richardson is

Due to us last night and Kate Moss for Mango in the hands. I like both very much, but the sense of “the great escape” opens me not quite. Somehow inclined or not?

There you go:

And here goes is now available for Mango!

Thousand thanks to Kiki and Teresa for the beautiful evening!