Nina Ricci in The Week of The Fashion of Paris Spring-Summer 2009

What makes Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci is pure poetry; the Gothic child, the wunderkind of fashion, is as special as your clothing is unique. Their models are not usually too real women, but nymphs romantic and ethereal wrapped in transparencies and dresses so fragile and subtle, that seem unreal.

If life is a dream, the dream from which one never want to wake up is the universe Nina Ricci; or rather a very whimsical and never-ending story. In times of crisis, the excess of realism is not an option to contemplate, They skens opts to plunge into a parallel world where no matter the lack of money, where too many problems and headaches and everything seems to float.

And thanks very much an idyllic and Aioli vision distorting so sublimely raw and monotonous reality.

The silhouette that Olivier is basically a: Feather dresses In short, exquisite fabrics ahead, long at the back, alternating ruffles, overlays, drapes or lines completely straight.

The busts, adopt forms medievalists, with armed shoulder straps and bustiers type frame; Although the lingerie-inspired It is one of the lead wires of the delicacy that predominates in the collection,

and along the same lines are the transparencies, in tissues that stick to the skin.

The colors are pale: nude, mauves, metallic and blue and dusty rose.

But also there is room for more strident colors like yellow,

and orange.