Notonegoro at The Museum of Costume

The creator of high seam of Indonesia Adje Notonegoro held October 10 at 20:00 hours a parade under the title”Batik and Java Emporium”in the” Museum of costume B.I.T.E. Notonegoro one of the fashion designers is Indonesians working more actively to disseminate the world batik tom´qasndolo as the basis for his creations. For this collection, it uses both the modern and the traditional batik. Sure that it is worth to see it.

For those who do not know what is the Batik It is one of several “techniques of dyeing by reserve”. It is used for coloring fabrics and consists of applying coats of wax on the regions that don’t want to dye (reserved zones), noting the anilines in non-reserved areas. This process can be repeated as many times as desired, allowing drop-in colors, resulting in a rich variety of shades.