Novia D’art Collection 2007

Little more than ten days ago that ended the latest edition of the BCN Bridal Week with a resounding success, nearly 9,000 people attended to see the parades, leaving confirmed the high level and leadership of Spanish bridal fashion around the world.

Among the firms that participated in the Pasarela Gaudi Novias 2007 Novia d’art could not miss. Founded in Barcelona in 1967, this firm has evolved at the same pace than women and presented a collection of young and natural, without leaving aside the glamour.

The Catalan company has opted for the variety of fabrics with the use of mikados, satins, crepes, silks and taffetas, by the variety of colors with the Ivory, the raw, the Beige and the Dorado as protagonists, and also by the variety of cuts, and even styles, but always with the same objective: an always favoured bride.

On the occasion of this parade, which stressed on the catwalk beauty of Jaidy Mitchell, in Jezebel have had the opportunity to chat with Maria Teresa Raich, Designer of Wedding d´Art, in the photo next to the Mexican, on trends in wedding dresses, the situation of the sector and the latest edition of Gaudí Novias.

Jezebel (T): How do see the sector?, not only because of the competition, but the business side and how you see the future.Mª Teresa Raich (MTR): The sector of the bride (unlike the rest of the textile sector) is in full swing. Bride buy a suit once in life with enthusiasm and joy, and this makes the sector work.

The continuous interview in the full entry.T: Tell us how you’ve seen Gaudí Brides this year your most pleasant surprises in terms of designs and new trends is concerned. Tell us a little about parades, which you most liked, which you liked least, etc.. MTR: The pasarela GAUDÍ has been a success. The surprises have been Naomi Campbell Jaidy Mitchell and others famous that have paraded with top Spanish designers suits.

Martina Klein and Jaidy Mitchell they were the protagonists of the parade of wedding Art:

T: Brides want wedding dresses near the holiday costumes or worthy of a Hollywood red carpet, or it is a trend that designers make?MTR: Young, sophisticated, romantic (near to tarjes them of party), short and even costume jacket, etc. Sets the trend designer tending in mind the different situations and ages of brides and of course fashion in general. That is why we have different types of costumes.

T: It is curious that there are no more simple suits with the rise of civil weddings and civil girlfriends, far from giving up the tulle and lace are points to shine and escotazos what this fashion?MTR: This is a concept that we should change. Brides need not wear simple costumes in civil weddings, can lead perfectly any type of costume, whenever they feel comfortable with your choice.

Returning to the parade, the first dresses to appear were the more classic cut. Adjusted to the body and made to bottom of socket options are various: from romantic costume that looks Mexican actress, to the more Baroque dress and of Andalusian inspiration for the photo on the right, via a more simple and natural style set to the hip of the Middle photo. All female, are perfect for brides who are looking for a traditional suit but without falling into a stale or Frailes aesthetic.

For a religious wedding I like especially the second, especially with the style chosen for the parade: hair loose and wavy with jewel brooches in the hair as a unique complement. It is the absence of veil or mantilla What gives it freshness and updated look, especially in the case of this wedding dress, more classical than the rest.

For brides with a more current style is imposed by the strapless neckline as the protagonist. Asymmetries modernized the dresses without subtract elegance, and enriched with metallic bodies, as well as details about rhinestones give a touch of glamour to these wedding dresses. The first subtle neckline I like heart and feeling of lightness, despite the volume of the skirt. The other two I like the touch of modernity that Mª Teresa Raich achieved thanks to the play of volumes of skirts. But what I like about this type of Bridal dresses is its versatility, are valid for weddings in the morning and afternoon, and can give the final touch with add-ins that you choose.

Also wedding d´Art joins the trend of bridal gowns closest to the party costumes, as in the case of the third photo dress. I’m not very fan of this type of dresses, at least for religious weddings, but thanks to the rise of civil weddings, the possibilities that exist now to organize a ceremony and a celebration that are all a party are endless, and costumes like these are great for brides who want to wear on your wedding day with all the glamour of a Hollywood star. Of the three above, the second is ideal for women who don’t want to renounce the touch sexy day if I want, but my favorite is the first. Simple and feminine, I like especially the absence of veil or mantilla, and the choice of the shawl as protagonist of the dress. Verand theegant. And very practical to protect themselves from the air conditioners.

Finally, the heavy romantic, who always dreamed of a skirt worthy of a scarlet O´Hara or a 21st century empress Sissi, can not resist to two dresses that closed the parade of wedding d´Art at the Pasarela Gaudí Novias 2007.

The truth is that it was a success of parade, not only by the design, but also by the quality of the cuts and fabrics. In addition, the variety of styles allows that brides with different tastes and plans on your dream wedding can find on any of these dresses perfect costume to marry.