Ottavio Missoni Dies at 92 Years of Age

Family Missoni does not go through your best time. Vittorio Missoni and his wife missing joins them the death of Ottavio Missoni. One of the founders of the firm in 1953, along with his wife Rosita Missoni, has just died at the age of 92 at his home in Sumirago, Varese, in Northern Italy.

Ottavio Missoni not only was an annealed entrepreneur of fashion and stylist but also athlete. He participated in the 1948 summer Olympics in London. The modalities of 200 meters and 400 meters hurdles, where he was sixth.

The family has just announce the death of Ottavio Missoni on the night of May 8. Ottavio Missoni was weak of health for some time and had been hospitalized for heart failure. On May 1 he returned to his home in Sumirago.

Rest in peace, Ottavio Missoni.