Sarah Brandner: “I Have a Pocket Drive”

Good looks is not everything. Our site spoke with model Sarah Brandner (26) about what all must make a good woman’s handbag, whether she even has a Pocket-tick – and what respects you as a designer.

Women love bags – there’s no other way model Sarah Brandner. Style her first piece was “a timeless classic”, as she revealed in an interview with Our site: a small Louis Vuitton Bag, her grandmother had given her.

Last summer brought Brandner then for the first time its own models on the market: a World Cup collection with laptop bags and small cross body bags in collaboration with Designer Lili Radu (34). That went well – and soon enters the repetition: for the this year’s Oktoberfest, the two will launch on time another line.

Our site revealed more about their pockets-tick Sarah Brandner:

Our site: Hand on heart – how many bags you have in your closet?
Sarah Brandner: “How many there are exactly, I can’t tell, but determined at the 20, maybe a few more. I have a Pocket drive and love handbags. I have some for all occasions.”

If you should decide it would be if you lots of money on designer clothes, shoes or a bag could – give out what?
Sarah Brandner: “I would choose the bag, because she accompanied one of the longest and straight leather pockets are also really nice after the time through their patina.”

Belong to the women about Pack something like their bags?
Sarah Brandner: “Yes, all the time. “I have always my wallet, sunglasses, Lippenbalm and PIN, my keys, chewing gum, a timer, mean mobile phone and hand cream, hair ties, a hair brush, also treats for my dog and a mini bottle of Tabasco.”

It must fit into it so much. What to consider as bags Designer?
Sarah Brandner: “The combination of design and functionality must be. A bag should look cool, complete appearance and outfit of the wearer, but but also practical and be well be combined.”

What can you tell us now about the new co-op with Lili Radu?
Sarah Brandner: “It will be an Oktoberfest bag that can be worn particularly well to the Oktoberfest, but also throughout the entire year. There are a few cool accessories, to create the ultimate Eyecatcher and Oktoberfest-look. As a dyed in the wool Munich this topic is of course very.”