Some Practical Smart Ways to Dress Up without Losing Style

It is time bundle up truth and stand up to storms of cold with all our weapons. It is of add layers and layers of clothing and dress up as if we were onions, but of course without falling into the homeless style, and making all the outerwear that add to our look make us winning style rather than losing it. Takes note of these bright ideas of street style.

With shirt

Now that the shirts they are gaining in prominence, we must look under our bomber or our biker sleeves, or combine it with a low short jersey until our white as if by magic shirt.

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With denim

Combine cowboy with cowboy It is more fashionable than ever. Shirts, jackets, skirts and pants in woven favorite Street are very well combined together.

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Jersey neck returned for all

This year, the cowl neck sweater become a Joker worn under everything. You can take it under a jersey of peak, under a shirt, or under your favorite dress. A very smart way to cold.

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White shirt and pichi

An ideal look for the office. The Pichis of our childhood again load.

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Top lencero with cardigan

It looks great the contrast of lace lingerie with the warmth of a cardigan wool. A combination of suitable even for more cold days, provided that do not run in suspenders.

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How to wear a slip dress in winter

The slip dresses carrying so much this season aren’t just for the summer. In winter are with a t-shirt or fine jersey underneath and issue resolved, becomes a winter garment rather than continue to use.

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Add layers when you go party

It seems that partying and elegant is incompatible with going warm, but the solution is to add garments very festive, filled with sequins, metallics and glitter, and combine them with hair capes, wool sweaters, cardigans and scarves. Mixtures so always work well.

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Wearing a long coat on top of everything

If you have doubts about which coat you buy this season, keep it clear, the favorite of the it girls is the Largo-Largo, almost by feet, which adds a masculine and urban touch to all your looks.

A photo published by Pernille Teisbaek (@pernilleteisbaek) 5 Nov, 2016 (s) 7:38 PDT

With a cowboy monkey

The monkeys and Dickies they are also for the winter. If you take them with a jersey or shirt below can be a garment to add to our wardrobe.

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