Starts Week of Fashion in Paris: Balmain Spring/Summer 2009

Finally, Paris. All of the above has been almost a pure formality, the mandatory transition to the Mecca of the ODE: the city of the Seine. The House of the consecrated, and the rest is not that they are nonsense, is that most are being, not to say that there are too many. Not all, OK, but the dream of every creator, its goal, is to put a dent in the calendar of the Paris Fashion Week, because there is not that the French parades, is that the best parade.

Balmain, or what is the same, Christophe Decarnin, He gave the starting gun to the fashion week in Paris, in a season in which new include the British hop Gareth Pugh in the French capital. What he said before, the desire of some can be the bane of many others. Everything looks less evil than in Paris, with other eyes.

For Summer 2009, Decarnin remains true to his idea of sexy woman and punk air, the same as strip wardrobe with faded skinny jeans, a blazer of paillettes and a couple of dresses asymmetrical adjusted hyper.

This time however, the shoulder straps are accentuated almost to absurdity and jackets, leather or sequins, type blazer, become military; pants, bleached based on bleach, and broken or very worn, especially in knee pads, as we had already seen it in some celebrities (once again opens the debate on if fashion moves from the catwalk to the street, or from the street to the catwalk; or the two).

The mini type dresses in white tutu, are one of the entrees,

in the purest style ballet dancer, embellished with sequins at the bust or just below, and version with thin straps or strapless.

Although the absence of volume below waist, bustiers, and the short very short, in vivid colors like mauve, emerald green and turquoise, are still the key premises of a Balmain again, I bet by the sexy without more but manages to escape from the obscene, but not in the obvious: This collection could be the same as the last winter, but with summer label hung back.

Less evil than the sexy remains attractive for most, and Balmain, Balmain, would who but was going to perpetrate a rocker of the little black dress version better?

Or would lead to best network carpets full of sensuality with their evening dresses adjusted, asymmetrical, ruffled, making a decorative element that not only serves to adjust the belt and perfectly de-structured?

For now, and until proven otherwise, nobody.