Stella McCartney Received The Order of The British Empire, Fashion Is Her Excellency

The career of Stella McCartney It is unstoppable. The British know very well pamper their best swords of their culture and fashion is one of them. The designer has just received the Order of the British Empire submitted by Queen Isabel II in Buckingham Palace. 41-year-old has already achieved one of the most desired distinctions in British society.

Stella McCartney has become in recent years one of the essential names in current fashion. In Britain returned to reward it at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 as a better designer, awards that knows well since you already have better red carpet (2011) and the best designer mentioned twice (the last was in 2007).

Designs that shows on the catwalk just becoming a trend among the famous and they succeed on the red carpet, also attract looks of the firms around the world that have in it an inspiration more than clear.

With this order of the British Empire the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney wide his bulging career with a new award.

For the event, Stella McCartney, accompanied by her husband Alasdhair Willis, chose a design of its own, obviously. A jacket with peplum and a straight skirt ankle almost. Elegant but not opt for something typical. Very successful Carter headdress.

You imagine a recognition of this level to any Spanish designer for his work?