Style Steal Will Be The New Brand Low Cost of Asos

The low-cost It is one of the sectors with greater diversification in the current fashion. For many one of the causes of the collapse of many enterprises, for others the necessary renewal of a stagnant sector. ASOs It points to the latter and presents a new signature to add to the list: Style Steal.

Ironic name for a low-cost if we take into account all the clones that they live and who generate so much controversy. ASOs seeks to start strong. You will see there that theft of style shortly after. At the moment the only thing that we know is that this movement has to Primark as main reference.

ASOS seeks to repeat the success of Primark in an area of very low-cost by what we understand seeing the prices of Primark. ASOs already normal line itself could be considered a low-cost with affordable prices, mixing very well the basics and the latest trends. In addition, in the last year has dropped their prices by 9%.

This good work has generated him nothing less than 359,73 millions of pounds in the first half of its financial year, representing one 33% increase. But want to charge more, up to the ambitious figure of the 1,000 million pounds in 2015.

Remember the name Style Steal. It already is a section of the website of ASOs where the view looks created by users to become its own brand. Will it triumph? There is no doubt.