The Advance Lookbook of Patricia Conde Collection

I have to admit that I am not particularly fan of Patricia Conde but I recognize that it is of the few to say the only celebrity in Spain which is in itself a phenomenon of fashion. His style in SLQH program has unleashed floods of threads in forums and what he gets every day is scrutinized and located by a multitude of hungry eager followers get their same cupboard. It is no wonder that it has decided to launch a clothing collection.

And is that there was them willing to decapitate to identify and buy the same dress or shirt, what greater deference to its flattering that directly to design their own clothing. Here is a small advance What will be your Look book.

Advance Patricia Conde bedding collection Look book

In antenna Patricia repertoire is diverse but easily recognizable and affordable into the pockets of those who admire his taste, but which lost out-of-focus, Patricia is the spirit of Balmain (although he has also done its pinitos in Louis Vuitton or more recently Andrew Gn).

Clone of Balmain dresses

Who we would say to us that would not be Inditex which put at our disposal dresses If you would like the designed by Christophe Decarnin?

That the mini-dresses like count is more than a matter of course and its commercial strategy seems more intelligent since it offers what you consume and at the time that those who want to dress like her demand. So far no sticks.

Bohemian touches and very short skirts

This snack that gives us in the web of your brand, Patricia Conde Collection, there is nothing that does not hit you.

Everything seen goes with it and also its Lookbook is it more carefully.

And the truth is that I’m wanting more.

In principle the collection should already have been released but it seems has been delayed and there is no fixed departure date. Anyway we will continue returning periodically to see if confirmed his release and found so what prices We are talking about and if there is possibility to buy your clothes in shops In addition to Internet.