The Return to Work after Christmas: 10 Street Looks to Start Well 2011

Every good thing comes to an end, and while some celebrities are well toasted tostan in the warm beaches of a paradisiacal area, the rest are from back to work or the daily routine that we touch. As complaining about the situation does not go with us better think what put us and take advantage of the time for go with style anywhere.

The Street looks of the streetstylers We show combinations perfect for working with clothing, in the majority of cases, basic, which you will have in your cabinets. With no vacation, a bit of style.

Looks for work winter 2011 by the streetstylers

The initial idea of incorporating color nude is an alternative to take into account is that we are in winter and therefore touch bet on auspicious color palette of this time, spring will come to show off the collection of Primark. This means giving priority to colors more turned off including the Earth colors I took advantage of the autumn.

Combining this idea we’re looks perfect and very stylish. A top salmon amid a clear combination will give plenty of life all at the same time maintaining the formality of the work.

A red blouse It is very popular these days thanks to the well this color with almost all of the clothes that feel. Beige trousers and a dark brown ankle boots are the ideal combination for a work look.

The white shirts It is one of those basics that don’t go out of fashion, with good pants, broad-footed as those who are returning to the stores have a great set. That Yes, do not make you the brave as the streetstyler of image and you atreváis to go with this set without a good wrap up.

Looks of street work: skirt or pants?

The choice of skirt or trousers for work something is too personal and much depends on the type of work that we have. A skirt with a long until half leg with stockings is an almost sure hit at all times if we carry it well. Taking advantage of dates can opt for a dark green dress with beautiful stockings and some ankle boots to play. The blazer is the icing on the cake.

Can also opt for something shorter, anticipating to the tendency to moles of spring. A classic look almost in black and white, with a beige blazer.

If instead we prefer one pants There are many perfect for work. Here we see the majority of waist high, in beige and well coordinated with a simple top and a military inspired blazer that winter boots can not miss. Let the tape for the best hair at home.

The trend boyfriend We have it in the form of suspenders, trousers with bass bent by the ankles, with some great boots and a striped t-shirt. A gorgeous look.

And if we chose a musketeer boots and a layer?

There are a thousand ideas to dress up at work, what is yours?


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