The Stains Will Be Your Worst Nightmare. at Least If You Opt for The Total Look in White

We say it every year, but we are right: the total look in nuclear white they are cool. And when good weather is installing in our day to day and the rise of temperatures grows with the passage of days. I very fan of this tone, more when I’m tanned and dark skin, but the truth is that the stunning effect only succeed the first day of release. thus inevitably I have just spotting and I know, for certain, that that tone will never be the same. It is what I like less in this color, the delicacy that is.

But if you can keep your state you can be perfect many days. With a single dress, skirt and shirt or t-shirt and shorts. No matter how, but your clothes in one color are cool mogollon. And bloggers are aware of this, as in his latest posts are going showing your options perfect and wonderful. I personally like the blouse set + skinny, although the risk is doubled: with a dress or mono if deteriorates color can disguise. With two different parts is impossible, because the tone will never be the same…

And that opts for both versions is the American Aimee Song that shows us her latest looks where the White predominates at all times.

Which option would you stay?