The Two Similar Celebrities—Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus

They were two similar celebrities. In his fame, his outrageous appearances and their stylistic choices, now success, now fracso miserably. In these days in which Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus they are giving so much to talk about… and continue. Both appear again in their last looks giving singing and not by their melodies.

Which shows

It is none other than Miley. Hey, that it has given to Miss become festive erotic myth dancing as any and dressing as such. The children who discovered it in Hannah Montana will be delighted, they have also grown and you’ll want them to see so much grip. These days, Miley has shown waist, with their tattoos for all diva tacky self-respecting. The Sweatshirt that is missing and camouflage also. Selo worthy Rihanna

And what takes so much this summer. One must be greater because both short between the teenagers, with little fabric and showing bum, looks you vulgar and ugly. But Miley, and it does the same.

Dear Miley, the placket Chanel does not hide such ordinariness. because of barriobajeras please, do it at all. Rihannam please take note.

Which hides

While, Lady Gaga follow your particular promotion with their dresses of yore, now high Couture, now market wipes, and does so by covering his face, his body and his soul.

Because that black veil with black stockings and black bustier and black smile, can not do anything else except cover. And thus make that talk about it. Which list.