To The Largest Copied: Dior, Celine and Prada at The Point of Sight

Humor chic an Italian German blog with vignettes of humor on the world of fashion, quite acid, by the way. It has now caused a stir because it has revealed how some of the designs we’ve seen lately on the runway of the most renowned designers are in reality mere copies of other designs created in the 1950s and 60.

Starting with a design of RAF Simons for Dior that I have seen look Natalia Vodianova and Maribel Verdú at the Goya Awards. But a similar creation already wore it the great Grace Kelly hand of Edith Head, the most famous films costume designer of history.

The original coat with sleeves loose and knotted that we saw in the parade of Celine It is not so original in reality. The American designer Geoffrey Beene already conceived it a few decades ago.

And is the most flagrant (for being backup by double) case, the of Miucca Prada that is inspired by two creations that the designer Courreges He devised in the 1960s. The copy is clavadita.

For that then complain to Zara and Topshop copied them.