We Continue with Pictures of Shirts? No, This Season Kept in The Trunk

A few months ago one looked Street looks of the streetstylers and saw checked shirts everywhere. He started the new season spring/summer 2011 and the truth is that they have disappeared in a radical way. Not even the last remaining are still.

Now we have many types of prints, some very rare, but by no means is the madness of other months. Despite this some it-girls as Sienna Miller still choosing this type of shirt to make their appearances in public under a style that exceeds the sporty, too careless style.

To distinguish the box which speak, popularly known as lumberjack style, vichy style, which Yes has managed to escape into exile of the brands. A style very close to airs them British mod looking in some streetstylers with the guadros fashion Gingham.

Which are shelved are the usual ones of the previous autumns. A greater thickness and pictures with older lines and colors.

It is curious that at Zara only we find this pictures of combination blaugrana shirt for 29.95 euros.

In Zara Trafaluc We find other alternatives that even though they are not pictures vichy Yes opt for a different to the called lumberjack style. By 15.95 euros we have this sleeveless blouse.

More curious still is to look in TopShop only find so bland as these designs.

Both by 28 pounds in TopShop with a similar concern as similar and a style that seems intended to cover record.

In ASOs the story does not change and pictures shirts have lagged behind with off designs. This design of Wrangler We have it for 52,48 euros.

Other options that seem straight out of the discarded remnants of some lost trunk is the one proposed by us River Island in ASOs per 32,79 EUR.

Even the own brand ASOs lets us choose between the previous and this shirt more broad, hard to look. By 32.80 euros.

But for those who do not want to always leave this trend of side there will be an economic alternative that bet: H & M. There will continue to be the blouses pictures for 7.99 pounds.

And if we look for something more youthful we have their usual checked shirts with short sleeves, for the same price.

Without forgetting a manga version long with those colors by H & M for modern. For 14.99 pounds.

To those who worry so much go to the last and not look outdated better id keeping pictures during a time that already spent too long in force. Now them a season to soak.