Weekend with The Blogosphere: I Jornadas De Bloggers in Elche

Elche hosted this weekend the I Encuentro Nacional de Bloggers, more quote from bloggers specializing in trends and beauty held so far in Spain. The event brought together more than 500 blogs to comment from different points of view on the sector through various presentations. And Jezebel did not miss the appointment.

Many guests attended this so interesting and welcoming event in which each blog told his experiences in the world of fashion and gave their advice to the future bloggers. An event presented by Clara Courel, that by the way he wore a divine modelazos. Some of the speakers were the model and stylist Mayte of the Church talked about the links established between blogs, brands and digital versions of fashion magazines; Maria Leon He said his experience as a fashion consultant through this support; and Gala Gonzalez, regarded as one of the most influential bloggers at the international level, he spoke about his personal experience as a pioneer of this new communicative model that brings together more than 86,000 blogs specializing in the field of fashion and beauty only in our country.

Gala was interviewed by Rafael Muñoz, Spanish Television journalist, and then it was the turn of Jezebel. I have to tell you, Gala became interested in this blog and asked me what how we were able to update as many post a day. My answer was that we are a team that is very committed and hardworking.

Carlos Perez, Galactinet Director, analyzed the phenomenon from the business side. In the same way the meeting analyzed other aspects such as the influence of the blog in the male field or in the field of beauty as well as where is heading the sector and its immediate future.

I also have to emphasize the intervecenciones of Priscilla Hernandez that told us the key of an egoblogger; Maria Eugenia and Teresa de la Cierva We talked about beauty; Silvia Moya, Macarena Gea and José María Vélaz the speakers were more veterans and told us the process of success and development of the blogs; Bethlehem Canalejo brought us ten keys to achieve your dream job; and there was also a hole for the hand of José Luis Díez male blogs and photography and street style. And its influence in fashion with Ramiro E, Pedro Zozoya and Angélica Dass.

In a huge room papers attached room, different brands had space, corners with any of its proposals for footwear, fashion and accessories: Mustang, Martinelli, Germaine de Capuccini, Stradivarius, Pikolinos, walls, Primark, Etxart & Panno, Gioseppo or Lodi.


I can not forget the guest bloggers, with some streetstyle who gave much to talk about, because all Rory were. I’ll stick with the blog Gossips Mademe Famous Agostina outfit a total look of items from Zara, Bershka clutch and Mango rooms. It chifló me huge bib necklace.

And another of the outfits I chifló was the look of Cardigan, A trendy Life with a look of Giraffe print signed by Pains promise (right of image), which by the way, its designers Alicia and Miriam were also there.

My choice for the paper was this dress also Pains promise I bought a few weeks ago and that it had not released this so unpleasant temperature. The animal print, is a classic of the firm.

Gala Gonzalez DJ

After completing a full day we went party where the Gala Gonzalez showed his side as Dj livening up the evening. I chose this black dress for the occasion of Etxart & cloth really beautiful and elegant, and I’m an addicted to party designs with backs to the air. It was not me as well as to the model but became what could be. Combined with this bib necklace of BDBA and black halls of Lodi.

A very productive weekend and hopefully repeat.