Whacked! The Teatime with Dior

When I saw these images have fascinated me and I said, “I have to share them with all the readers of Jezebel, because as well as my will fascinate”. When it comes to breakfast or snack with friends, who not looking monkeys sites? Here I show you the cafeteria of Dior, but we caught a little far to some, since it is in London.

Specifically the fourth floor of the legendary and impressive Harrods stores It is the place where we can visit the Cafe Dior, where you can enjoy the unique cupcakes Dior bags, dresses or loose garment, the signature classic, drawn, created especially for this occasion, accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea.

Look at where the salon is cute and sweet looks exquisite. To who do not want to taste a snack during a day of shopping agetreado?