Women Like It Untenrum Now Lush

While it always revealing to approach seems in fashion, the women keep recently UNTENRUM covered. In other words: The Granny panties is back. In the service of emancipation.

Comfortable, practical, schlabberig – trend among women untenrum.

Grandma jacks are now cool

As the American dress analysts Bernadette Kissane in an interview with the “New York Times” explains, Tangas are disused. “There’s a growing group within the generation Y, who perceives wearing underpants that cover the entire Po, as cool”, so Kissane – and that confirm numbers. According to a survey of by the market research institute NPD Group seven per cent of less string Tangas are purchased in America compared to the previous year. Sales for richer fabric panties on the other hand, however, rose 17 percent.

Also Erica Russo, fashion Director of the U.S. Department store chain of Bloomingdale’s, will have noticed a “change in the business”. And this touch, of which she is convinced from the same corner as the trend to the Birkenstock eco mountain pine. Suffering for beauty wanted no more, in convenience is now.

Sexy despite baggy knickers

Plenty or not – by “Liebestotern” at least Julia Baylis (22) and Mayan Toledano (27) want nothing knowledge. The two avowed bearers of “Granny Panties” (German: “Granny Schluppis”) founded the common lingerie label ‘me and you’, which specialized is up, let’s say: generously sized drawers. They should still have the license to seduce. “In our eyes work sex appeal only with naturalness and comfort”, Toledano said.

And the demand gives them right. The big hit with “Me and You”? A white cotton panties with the label “Feminist”, which is sold out since its initial release in April from the online shop. Baylis says the feminist thought compared to the “New York Times” as: “lingerie is usually designed to appeal to men. Our is the winner solely for you.”

With courage to the socket

The Granny panties is not hidden so still long under the dud – he blossomed slowly but surely to the star of the outfits! We show how the fashion brands take up the trend and the proof that even stars such as poppy Delevingne (29) untenrum ‘lush’ like in the picture gallery!