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Yearbook 2016

Mauritius. In March, Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth announced that Finance Minister Vishnu Lutchmeenaraido has expressed a desire to leave his office for health reasons. According to countryaah, Lutchmeenaraido was said to suffer from fatigue syndrome due to excessive workload. Jugnauth temporarily took over the post of finance minister, while Lutchmeenaraido was appointed new foreign minister instead.

2016 Mauritius

In May, the Prime Minister gave responsibility for the Ministry of Finance to his son, Pravind Jugnauth. He has previously been Minister of Finance 2003–05 and 2009–11, and Minister responsible for, among other things, technology and communication 2014–15. Pravind Jugnauth was allowed to leave the post of finance minister in 2011 after being accused and sentenced to court for having participated in a decision to buy, by public funds, a private hospital in which his sister was a partner. On the same day that he was again appointed by the father to the Minister of Finance, Pravind Jugnauth was released from the criminal charges by the Supreme Court.

In February, Mauritius and Seychelles agreed to set up a joint headquarters with the task of handling issues related to the Maskarenska ridge underwater plateau in the Indian Ocean. The countries also agreed to hold a ministerial-level meeting for the first time on the plateau issue.

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