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Yearbook 2016

Micronesia Federation. In March, severe drought was reported in the Micronesia Federation. The reason was said to be the meteorological-oceanographic phenomenon El Niņo, which under certain conditions causes just drought and which this year was unusually long drawn.

2016 Micronesia

In July, it became clear that Nan Madol, a prehistoric building complex in a lagoon off the island of Pohnpei, was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The buildings are built on hundreds of artificial islands connected by canals. Nan Madol was a political and ceremonial center during the so-called Saudi dynasty. The stone palaces, temples, tombs and houses that received world heritage status were erected between 1200 and 1500. The artificial islands are at risk of decay and in the Micronesian federation the hope of financial support was raised to preserve the historically valuable remains.

Micronesia Population

According to countryaah, the current population of Micronesia is 115,034. New Zealand promised in September that the country would invest the equivalent of US $ 5 million in renewable energy in the Micronesia Federation. According to New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key, the goal is to help the Pacific States become self-sufficient in energy so that they do not become dependent on imported fossil energy sources.

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