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Yearbook 2016

Philippines. According to countryaah, the current population of Philippines is 109,581,089. About 20 people were killed during the run-up to the presidential election in May, including seven in ambush on election day itself. Five candidates ran in the election, but the result was a clear victory for Rodrigo Duterte, candidate for the PDP-Laban party. Duterte got 39% of the vote against 23% for Mar Roxas who came in second place. Roxas was a candidate for outgoing President Benigno Aquino's Liberal Party; Aquino himself was hindered by the constitution to set up. In the separate vice presidential election, Leni Robredo, candidate for the Liberal Party, who also became the largest in the congressional election, won. However, a majority of the Liberals in Congress went to Duterte's party months after the election.

2016 Philippines

Duterte was contentious even before the election. As mayor of Davao in the south, he had made himself known for rough language and hard nips. But he was also popular when crime in the city decreased significantly and prosperity increased. Duterte advocated a federal state law and wanted to reinstate the death penalty, which was abolished in 2006. He also promised a tough campaign against drug trafficking - including murders of suspected drug dealers and other "crooks".

It turned out that the new president was serious about his threats. As early as four months after his entry at the turn of the year, 1,800 people were reported to have been shot dead by police and 2,600 killed by unidentified perpetrators, according to official statistics. Duterte triggered a flood of criticism in the outside world for indiscriminate violence and violations of human rights. Duterte also aroused dismay with threatening statements and vulgar language; He called, among other things, the Pope and US President Barack Obama "horns" and stated that he personally killed the suspected criminal and abused a drug-classed drug for pain relief. Despite this, his popularity figures remained high.

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Many Filipinos were upset when Duterte advocated burial at a national "heroes" cemetery for the ex-dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who was toppled in a popular uprising in 1986 and died three years later. The decision was appealed, but when the Supreme Court in November gave the go-ahead, the family acted quickly and flew the remains to Manila, where Marcos was buried with military honors. Duterte had received campaign funding from the Marcos family.

In July, the Permanent Arbitration Court (PCA) in The Hague gave the Philippines the right to conflict with China over the border demarcation in the South China Sea, where the countries ended up in a confrontation in 2012. China categorically rejected the arbitration, but with the change of government in the Philippines, the dispute still appeared to be settled. Duterte visited China in October to discuss increased trade and better dialogue, and shortly thereafter, Filipino fishermen were allowed to return to the Scarborough Reef, which the conflict arose around. Duterte spoke openly about "separation" from the Philippines' traditionally close ally of the United States and instead advocated new alliances with China, among others.

Peace talks started in Oslo in August between the government and the Maoist guerrilla NPA. Both parties announced a ceasefire in connection with the talks that constituted the first formal contact in five years. The almost half-century-old conflict, mainly in the eastern and southern Philippines, was estimated to have claimed more than 40,000 lives.

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