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Sao Tome and Principe

Yearbook 2016

São Tomé and Principe. In the July presidential election, Manuel Pinto da Costa was challenged by four opposition candidates, including former Prime Minister Evaristo Carvalho.

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According to countryaah, Carvalho would have received just over 50% of the vote, which would have been enough to win already in the first round of elections. However, the Election Commission changed the result to 49.8%, which meant that Carvalho would stand against Pinto da Costa in a second round of elections. The incumbent president received just under 25% of the vote, a few tenths more than Maria das Neves, even her former prime minister. Both of these questioned the election results.

Ahead of the second round of elections held in early August, Pinto da Costa announced that he did not intend to stand. His claim that the first round of elections should be annulled was rejected by the Constitutional Tribunal. Without a candidate, Carvalho was elected new president. The turnout was low, only 46%. Unlike Pinto da Costa, Carvalho belongs to the Independent Democratic Action Party (ADI). So does Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada, and thus the cooperation between the President and the Prime Minister is expected to be greatly improved.

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