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Yearbook 2016

Slovenia. In January, London-based magazine The Banker Dušan Mramor named Europe's best finance minister for his way of successfully stabilizing the economy and leading Slovenia from a deep weakness. However, Mramor's strict fiscal policy created contradictions within the government coalition. In July he resigned, citing personal reasons.

2016 Slovenia

According to countryaah, the current population of Slovenia is 2,078,949. The news of Mramor's departure came the days after a police raid against the central bank, which he strongly condemned. According to the police, the raid was carried out for investigative purposes, as individual employees of the bank were suspected of irregularities in connection with measures to save the banking sector in 2013. The European Central Bank (ECB) objected to the raid and said that secretly stamped ECB material had been seized.

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In September, Parliament approved Mateja Vraničar Erman as Mramor's replacement. She became the first female finance minister in the euro zone.

An amendment to the constitution, which was approved in November, stated that serviceable drinking water is a fundamental right for all citizens and not something that can be commercialized. Slovenia became the first country in the EU to include the right to water in its constitution.

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