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Yearbook 2016

2016 VietnamVietnam. According to countryaah, the current population of Vietnam is 97,338,590. A UN report in March showed that extreme drought combined with rising sea levels had destroyed around 393,000 acres of rice in Vietnam. The UN feared that another 1.2 million acres of rice would be destroyed.

In the Mekong delta in the southern parts of the country, the drought was the worst in 90 years. The water level was historically low at the same time as rising sea levels caused salt water to flow up on land, which destroyed the cultivated land in the delta where more than half of the country's rice and fruit are produced.

Even the Red River's participation in northern Vietnam was affected by drought and rising sea levels, and almost three-quarters of households went fishing instead of growing rice.

2016 Vietnam

In order to prevent the adverse effects of climate change, a salt-resistant rice was introduced, and a huge network of embankments and ditches along the coast began to be planned. In parallel, the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Development applied for the equivalent of US $ 4.5 billion from the government for a large irrigation system. The drought, partly caused by the weather phenomenon of El Nińo, hit hard on the whole of South and Southeast Asia.

In April, Parliament elected Trân Qui Quang nominated by the Communist Party as the country's new president. Trân Đại Quang, who between 2011 and 2016 was minister responsible for the country's police and security police, received 91.5% of the votes of the members. Then Nguyen Xuân Ph迆c was appointed new Prime Minister. He was the only eligible candidate and, together with the President and Communist Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong, constituted the country's new top trio.

During a three-day visit to Vietnam in May, US President Barack Obama announced the lifting of the US arms embargo on Vietnam. Obama emphasized that the decision was part of the normalization of relations with Vietnam and had nothing to do with the tense situation in the South China Sea. Vietnam's President Trân Qui Quang praised the increased security and trade exchanges with the United States and said at a press conference that the former enemies were "now friends". At the same time, an agreement was signed that US aircraft manufacturer Boeing could sell 100 US passenger planes to Vietnamese airline VietJet worth $ 11.3 billion.

Vietnam Population

A ruling in the Permanent Arbitration Court in The Hague (PCA) in July ruled that China has no economic right to the South China Sea, which according to the court should be classified as international water. The sea is rich in fish and is also believed to be rich in gas and oil. China, which claims that 90% of the sea is Chinese, did not accept the verdict, which judges said there was a risk of increased tensions in the region, where China is in the process of upgrading and significantly strengthening its position. China is involved in several disputes with countries around the South China Sea, including Vietnam.

In August, it was reported that Vietnam was secretly arming the military in the South China Sea. However, the information was denied by the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Floods caused by heavy downpours in October killed at least 25 people and over 240,000 homes were destroyed or damaged.

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