Ankara, Turkey Festivals

Ankara’s history began as a prosperous Phrygian settlement. This was on the Persian King’s Road. Ankara or at that time Ancyra was in the 3rd century BC. To the center of the Galatians, a Celtic tribe who lived around 230 BC. Settled in Asia Minor. 189 BC The city was occupied by the Romans and acted from 25 BC. BC as the capital of the Roman province of Galatia. The following centuries saw Ancyra under changing rule. After the Romans came the Persians, then the Arabs, then the Seljuks and finally the Ottomans. After “annexation” to the Ottoman Empire, Ankara sank into insignificance.

A new period of prosperity for the city did not begin until 1920, when the new parliament was opened there on April 23 of that year and with the beginning of the Turkish liberation struggle. This was done out of opposition to the old Ottoman Parliament, which was under pressure from the British occupation.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1917, Ankara was made the capital of the newly founded Turkish Republic in 1923 because of its central location in Anatolia and deliberately delimited from İstanbul, which was preferred by the Ottomans. The city has had its current name Ankara since 1930.

Ankara: peculiarities, festivals

Special features of Ankara

Angora cats
Ankara is home to the “Angora” breed of cats. This is called “Ankara Kedisi” in Turkish. The common name Angora refers to the old name of Ankara: Angora. This particular breed of cats is medium to small in size, has a long coat, an elongated body, and a relatively fine skeleton. Besides her beauty and athletic grace, she is very intelligent.

Angora goat
Ankara is also known for the angora goat and its expensive wool (mohair).

Celebrations and events

Festival of Amateur Theater

tulip and culture festival

Spring Festival
World Environment Day

Ataturk’s arrival at Kalecik
Karapürçek Wrestling and Music Activities
Salt Festival

Melon Festival (September – October)

Ankara is proclaimed the capital of the
Carrot Festival

Anniversary of Ataturk’s arrival in Ankara
Soğuksu Festival

Ankara: Well-known people

Funda Arar (born 1975)

Turkish pop singer from Ankara

Renan Demirkan (born 1955)

German writer and actress who was born in Ankara

Erdal İnönü (1926 – 2007)

Turkish physicist and politician from Ankara; he was Turkey’s Foreign Minister from March to October 1995

Nil Karaibrahimgil (born 1976)

Turkish pop-rock singer born in Ankara; it is better known under the name “Nil”

Vural Öger (born 1942)

entrepreneur and German politician from Ankara; he founded the company “Öger Tours” in 1985

Onur Özkaya (born 1980)

Turkish double bass player from Ankara, but living in Germany

Fazil Say (born 1970)

Turkish musician and composer; Born in Ankara, he enjoys worldwide recognition as a pianist

Faruk Şen (born 1948)

Head of the Foundation Center for Turkish Studies in Essen; he was a native of Ankara

Zafer Şenocak (born 1961)

German-Turkish writer from Ankara

Hilmi Sözer (born 1970)

German-Turkish actor and comedian from Ankara; he played in “Voll normaaal”, “Ballermann 6”, “Schuh des Manitu” and “Kanak Attack”

Joe Strummer (1952-2002)

English rock musician who was born in Ankara; he became famous as the co-founder and singer and guitarist of the British punk band “The Clash”

Tülay Tuğcu (born 1942)

Turkish lawyer from Ankara; she became President of the Turkish Constitutional Court in July 2005

Ihsan Turnagoel (born 1957)

Turkish musician from Ankara

Harun Yahya (born 1956)

Pseudonym of Adnan Oktar; The Ankara-born Turkish Muslim is the author of numerous creationist books, films and websites

Opera houses, theaters and cultural institutions

Ankara Opera House (Opera Sahnesi or Büyük Tiyatro)
Ankara’s largest stage for opera and ballet is housed in a building that was originally designed as an exhibition center by the Turkish architect Şevki Balmumcu. Later it was converted into an opera house by the architect Paul Bonatz and has functioned as such since 1948. The same building also serves as a stage for the Turkish State Theater under the name “Büyük Tiyatro”.

Turkish State Theater (Devlet Tiyatroları)
According to thereligionfaqs, The Turkish State Theater is based in Ankara and operates the following stages in the city:

  • Büyük Tiyatro (Küçük Tiyatro, Ankara Opera House)
  • Şinasi Sahnesi
  • Akün Sahnesi
  • Altındağ Tiyatrosu
  • İrfan Şahinbaş Atölye Sahnesi
  • Oda Tiyatrosu
  • Mahir Canova Sahnesi
  • Muhsin Ertuğrul Sahnesi

There are also various privately operated theaters in Ankara, among which the Ankara Sanat Tiyatrosu stands out. It has its own stage in the city center.

Ankara, Turkey Festivals