Yearbook 2016

Bahamas. In a referendum in June, a majority of voters voted against four proposals for changes in the country’s constitution. Three of the proposals concerned citizenship. According to countryaah, the current population of Bahamas is 393,255. The first was that children born abroad where at least one of the parents are citizens of the Bahamas would automatically be granted citizenship. According to the second proposal, a foreign person who is married to a Bahamian citizen could apply for and obtain citizenship. Thirdly, it was suggested that a child born out of wedlock could become a citizen if it can be proved that the father has Bahamian citizenship. Of the voters, 61, 71 and 66% respectively voted against the proposals. However, the strongest opposition met the proposal that it should be prohibited by law to discriminate against a person based on gender. As many as 79% of the voters opposed the proposal.

Bahamas Population 2016

In August, according to thereligionfaqs, Prime Minister Perry Christie announced that an agreement had been signed between the Government of Bahamas and a Chinese bank to complete the huge Baha Mar resort. Construction started in 2011 but stopped in 2015 due to lack of money. Under the agreement, the facility would be open for the 2016/17 holiday season. Christie promised that Bahamian construction workers who did not receive their pay would be compensated but accused by the opposition of misleading the public.

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