Four Looks Sporty, But That They Do Not Serve to Go Jogging

Now that it’s the running, You must be careful not to get too literal with the trend sport, It will not be your neighbor in the 5th you invite to go jogging with it (unfortunately, is not as rich as of the announcement, but that would make you rethink what point you run every day). For that we have the solution: four sports looks not too informal.

Let’s start with some fabric shorts, that you earn in elegance combined with American and heels. A cool and casual look for the summer that is so close already.

The slippers they are also a shoe that makes any look a sporty style, even if you wear a dress. If it is a dress shirt white style combined with sports Leopard look can not fail.

In ASOs We can find one Silver bomber for 77,46 euros, to give a colour to your sporty looks glamorous and night thanks to its metallic reflections.

And a look that I loved but who may be too sporty is the look of ASOs with CAP, sweatshirt and Bermuda 25,35 EUR, but with platform sandals.

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