Landmarks of Great Britain

Planning to tour the UK? Then take note of the information below. These are exactly the sights of Britain that every tourist should visit.

Big Ben and Palace of Westminster

The main symbol of the city (if not the whole country) is the famous clock tower. Every hour a huge bell rings out, the sound of which is heard in the surrounding districts. The best place from which to view the symbolic tower is Westminster Bridge. We also recommend visiting this highlight of Britain at night. The stunning play of light and lights that illuminate the palace and tower will not leave anyone indifferent! It really is worth seeing with your own eyes!

Historical and Archaeological Museum in London

Another gem of the city, without which group tours to London can hardly do . One of the largest museums in the world, 94 expositions, 7 million books and other printed publications, more than 4 kilometers of “art” (the total length of all the halls of the museum) … Believe me, when you get here (regardless of how much you love art) you can simply forget about time, plunging into the world of beauty and history.

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

Perhaps this is not the most classic option for an excursion to Britain , but believe me – it’s worth it! Especially if you are a true connoisseur and fan of the legendary four. After visiting the huge museum of the history of the group, you can go to the favorite club of The Beatles members, where their first performance, The cavern club, also took place.

Tower Bridge

A stunning bridge with majestic and austere forms, which is illuminated at night with lights, turning into a fantastic and insanely spectacular structure.

The bridge is equipped with fairly wide footpaths, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of walking over the River Thames. And do not forget to go to the gallery of the bridge towers, where the observation deck is located … “The city at a glance” and exciting emotions are guaranteed to you!

Piccadilly Circus

The brightest and busiest street, a sea of ​​lights, neon signs and shops, constant movement and an extraordinary atmosphere… If you have planned a tour to London , this British landmark must be on your way! Here you can also ride on a double-decker bus and take a photo in the famous red booth.

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Education in the UK

Have you ever wondered why British scientists are world famous? Why do all the leading minds listen to them, and they make the most incredible discoveries?
Because they were educated in the UK!

And since the basis of knowledge is laid from childhood – learning English and getting an education in England is a great advantage for your child’s future.
More and more parents understand this and are willing to make this investment in their children.
Learning English is best, of course, by completely immersing yourself in the language environment, and in England there are all conditions for this. Language courses in Oxford, boarding schools in London and Brighton, higher education and much more. Several thousand educational institutions gladly accept students from Ukraine.

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Having chosen training for a child, you can choose a vacation for yourself in parallel. Hotels on the south coast of England in Brighton and Eastbourne are the perfect combination of a pleasant stay, vivid impressions and useful learning.

We also offer adult education. This is the prospect of career growth and improvement of professional qualities. Sitis Travel will select accommodation in hotels that are located as close as possible to the school, as well as in new generation student dormitories.

For the entire period of study, we offer booking of air tickets, excursion programs and other services.

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UK weather

“Great Britain is a country of rains” is the most popular fact about the royal country, because of which most tourists get the impression that it rains in London and other cities of the country almost around the clock.

No, of course, there are rains and fogs there! The country is indeed characterized by heavy rainfall. But the climate of the UK is not quite as “prickly” as people think it is, and because of this prejudice, it is definitely not worth postponing a trip to the UK!

So, Great Britain is a zone with a temperate continental climate of the maritime type. What does this mean? Winter is not too cold and summer is not hot. Agree, very good for a tourist trip.

What is the weather like in London and other cities of the country?

In England, you will definitely not freeze in winter, the average temperature here in the winter season is quite warm – about +6-+7. In spring, it is quite acceptable, familiar to us, “plus” – +9 – +12. If you have planned a tour to England for the summer, then do not expect particularly tiring heat – the average temperature is very comfortable for traveling: from +17 to +21. In autumn, as well as in spring, one should expect approximately +8 – +15 degrees.

Approximately the same weather (a couple of degrees less) awaits you in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. In the hilly and mountainous parts of the country, temperatures will be slightly cooler.

When is the best time to go to the UK?

The most successful option for planning a trip to the UK is from April to September. This is warm, pleasant weather for walking and less rain than in the autumn-winter period.

But on the other hand, spring and summer are the most popular seasons to visit the UK (especially the months of July and August). Which means more tourists. Therefore, it is up to you to decide and choose!

Agency “Cities Travel” organizes tours to the UK in any season of the year! And we will do everything so that neither rain nor other vagaries of the weather affect your overall impressions of an exciting journey!

Landmarks of Great Britain