Yearbook 2016

Liberia. In January, politician and businessman Harry Greaves was found dead on a beach in the capital, Monrovia. Greaves had previously served as advisers to Presidents Gyude Bryant and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and head of the state oil company Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC). However, after being accused of corruption, Greaves became one of the government’s strongest critics. According to countryaah, the current population of Liberia is 5,057,692. An autopsy conducted by American pathologists showed that Greaves drowned, but injuries to the body and the fact that Greaves disappeared from a hotel near the beach two days before his body was found gave rise to various rumors. However, the autopsy report showed that the injuries could very well have occurred after Greave’s death.

Liberia Population 2016

In February, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed his son Charles Sirleaf to the post of acting governor of the country’s central bank. This since the resignation of Governor Joseph Mills Jones to concentrate on his candidacy in the upcoming presidential election 2017. In April, a new Governor of the Central Bank, Milton Weeks, was appointed and Charles Sirleaf returned to the position of Deputy Governor. On the same day, President Johnson Sirleaf appointed a new finance minister, Boima Kamara, to replace Amara Mohamed Konneh, who was given a job at the World Bank.

According to thereligionfaqs, in May, the international organization Global Witness released a report that British mining company Sable Mining paid bribes to high-ranking politicians in Liberia with the help of Liberian lawyer Varney Sherman, who also chaired the ruling Unity Party. In this way, Sable Mining sought to pass a legislative amendment that would allow the company to have the right to mine iron ore in the northern part of the country. However, the lucrative contract did not go to the British. Among those named in the report as recipients of bribes were Fombah Sirleaf, son of the president and head of the country’s security service, House Speaker Alex Tyler and Ernest CB Jones, former rural minister. President Johnson Sirleaf responded to the corruption revelations by appointing a special investigation.

In April, a new case of Ebola fever was discovered in Liberia. Together with Guinea and Sierra Leone, the country was the hardest hit during the 2014-15 epidemic. The woman, who was in her 30s, fell ill and died after a visit to Guinea. In June, the World Health Organization WHO declared Liberia free from the dreaded disease. In the same month, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first female chairman of the West African collaborative organization ECOWAS. In July, the UN force handed UNMIL the responsibility for the country’s security to the national army and the police. However, just over 1,200 UN soldiers and around 600 police officers will still be posted in Liberia in the event of a crisis.