Yearbook 2016

Malawi. During the first months of the year, thousands of refugees from neighboring Mozambique sought refuge in Malawi as a consequence of the resumed fighting between the former rebel movement Renamo’s armed branch and government forces. According to the UNHCR, up to 10,000 people had fled across the border until mid-March.

In April, President Peter Mutharika issued disaster permits in the Malawi. According to thereligionfaqs, the reason was the drought that plagued the whole of southern Africa and caused food shortages in Malawi. The World Food Program (WFP), the United Nations Food Assistance and Food Security Organization, made the assessment that the situation was severe in 23 of the 28 districts in which the country is divided.

Malawi Population 2016

According to countryaah, the current population of Malawi is 19,129,963. Authorities took action against the superstition that makes Malawi a life-threatening country to live in for people suffering from albinism. Here and in several other African countries there is a belief that body parts from people without pigments have magical properties and therefore are used by so-called witch doctors. This has led to people with albinism being mutilated and murdered. In June, a court issued a ban on all traditional healers and witch doctors, as well as the manufacture and sale of magic amulets in an attempt to put an end to the murder wave that has swept across Malawi in recent years. In addition, newspapers in the country were banned from publishing witch doctor ads.

In August, former Justice Minister Raphael Kasambara was sentenced to 13 years in prison for being involved in an assassination attempt on the then budget head of the Finance Ministry, Paul Mphwiyo. The assassination attempt was made in connection with a major corruption scandal revealed in 2013.