Yearbook 2016

Maldives. According to countryaah, the current population of Maldives is 540,555. President Abdulla Yamin continued during the year to strengthen his grip on power by silencing or in various ways disposing of political opponents. Former Vice President Ahmed Adib, who was arrested in October 2015 and subsequently deposed, was sentenced in June to 15 years in prison for high treason. He was convicted of participating in a blast attack on Yamin’s boat for the purpose of murdering the president, even though, according to an FBI investigation, it was not possible to prove that the explosion aboard the boat was really a bomb attack.

Maldives Population 2016

In July, Foreign Minister Dunya Maumun announced that she was resigning. She explained her departure with President Yamin’s intention to reintroduce the death penalty, something Maumun is opposed to. The death penalty remains in the country’s penal code but is de facto abolished since 1952. In November 2015, a decision was made in the High Court that the president would no longer have the right to convert the death penalty to life imprisonment and in June was suspended from an approved execution method alongside injection. of poison. In July, the Supreme Court affirmed that the death penalty it imposes should be final. The fact that Maumun is the daughter of former President Maumun Abdul Gayum, as well as Yamin’s half-brother, was interpreted as an intensified power struggle between Gayum and Yamin.

According to thereligionfaqs, Yamin also tried in other ways to silence the opposition to his rule. In July, a court issued a two-year professional ban on several journalists who started an online magazine. The journalists were formerly employed by Haveeru magazine but resigned in March when the editorial freedom of the editor-in-chief was circulated in response to regime-critical articles. In August, it became lawful to punish someone. Parliament’s decision was described by the opposition as a means for Yamin to put his mouth on his critics.

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The government announced in October that the country would leave the British Commonwealth. The decision was prompted by the “unfair treatment” the Maldives faced when the country was criticized for human rights violations. Perhaps the most notable case since Yamin came to power in 2013 is the imprisonment of former President Mohamed Nashid. He was allowed in January to travel to the UK to undergo medical treatment there. The Maldivian government reacted outraged when Nashid met British Prime Minister David Cameron. In May, Nashid was granted political asylum in the UK.