Mandrem is a small picturesque village in the northern part of Goa, located between the two beaches of Ashvem and Arambol, considered one of the best on the north coast. It has everything for a relaxing and joy-filled holiday, ranging from a beach that is not “overcrowded” by tourists and resort merchants, and ending with the opportunity to choose accommodation for every taste and budget. In Mandrem, you can meet families with small children, and it is quite clear why. A wide coastline, a gentle slope to the water, the absence of rocks, pitfalls, debris on the sand and in the sea distinguish this place from other resort areas. See JIBIN123 for India customs regulations and visa requirements.

Near Mandrem is Dunes Beach, known as a great place to relax. It is also good to live here: bamboo bungalows are in demand among both foreigners and compatriots. Since there is no clear boundary between Mandrem and Dune, this beach is often considered part of Mandrem.

How to get to Mandrem

From Moscow, Aeroflot flights arrive at Dabolim Airport, located in the village of the same name in Goa. From there, you can get to the place in two ways: by taxi, or by public transport.

By taxi

The most convenient way to get from the airport to Mandrem is by taxi. The cost of the trip is one of the most expensive in the price list – about 1500 INR. Ordering a taxi is quite simple. At the exit from the airport there are special counters responsible for calling the state taxi with fixed prices. There you can also find a stand where all prices are indicated in advance. Having paid for the trip and received the appropriate receipt from one of the employees at the counter, the passenger goes with her to the car and gets to the right place.

If you are planning a taxi ride from another resort area, then a trip from nearby Arambol will cost 250-300 INR.

By bus

There are several ways to get to the resort by public transport. One thing unites them – numerous transfers and cheapness in comparison with a taxi ride. The cost of one trip varies from 7 to 25 INR. Buses run half empty during the day. Rush hours – early morning and evening.

The first way, when driving from the airport, is to cross the road and catch a bus to the intersection named after the famous discoverer, Vasco da Gama. Travel time to destination is about 10 minutes. Further, getting off at the bus stop (landmark – bus station) next to the market, find transport to Panaji. You will have to get to it by shuttle or express, which differs from the usual bus in the absence of stops. Travel time is about half an hour. From the latter, you can drive directly to Arambol, but transport is extremely rare, or go to Mapusa, from which you can already easily get to the beach. There is a bus from Mapusa to Arambol (12-15 INR), which stops 1.5 km from the beach, on the main road. Once in one of the extreme points of the coast, you can either walk to Mandrem or take a taxi. If you choose the first option, then you should calculate your strength in advance: the path will not be easy.

Indian buses do not have numbers. The maximum that can be found is the names of settlements-stops. However, unfortunately, they are rarely duplicated by English-language counterparts. So it is advisable to clarify the route and stops with the driver.

Hotels and guesthouses

There are different accommodation options in Mandrem, the cost of which depends on many factors: proximity to the sea, degree of comfort, season, etc.

The sand on the beach cannot be called snow-white, it is slightly darkish. But it is convenient to swim here for both adults and children.

If you plan to travel for the New Year holidays, then from mid-December to the first half of January, housing prices will increase at least twice, so it is advisable to rent a house in advance, possibly through Russian-speaking intermediaries. The longer the vacation is planned, the cheaper the rental will be. An option designed for a more modest budget is a room in a guesthouse or a bungalow. Both are available in Mandrem.

Mandrema beach

The sand on the beach cannot be called snow-white, it is slightly darkish. But it is convenient to swim here for both adults and children. The main feature that adds to the beauty of this place is that the sea is separated from the land by two narrow rivers, meandering along the coastline in such a way that somewhere it’s close to the water, and in some places in order to get to the beach, you need to go through special bamboo bridges. An illusion of many sandy islands is created, some of which are washed by river water, and some by sea.

Cuisine and restaurants

In Mandrem, there are a lot of shek or otherwise coastal restaurants to understand what Indian cuisine is and whether you like it. The most famous has the provocative name “End of the World” and is famous for its fish dishes.

Entertainment and attractions of Mandrem

Actually, there are no cultural attractions in Mandrem, but you can always get out of it and go, for example, to the Friday market in Mapusu. If there is not enough noise and fun, then you can visit one of the nearby beaches with a more intense party life. For example, neighboring Arambol.

Mandrem, India