National Parks of Kenya

According to Paradisdachat, Kenya has 48 state national parks, including five marine ones. It is very difficult to count private farms and ranches. And everywhere you can go on a safari. Safari, Swahili language – hike, journey, expedition, caravan.

Masai Mara National Park.
“On May 3, Ivan Ivanovich wrote down in his diary his impressions of a meeting with representatives of the Kikuyu people, who were preparing to hunt a lion. He described their jewelry, clothes, hairstyles, made sketches, as well as the first watercolor drawing depicting Africans. Two days later he met the Maasai for the first time…”

The most famous park in East Africa, area 1672 sq. km. savannahs, hills, and forests, among all this flows the wide and swift river Mara. The southwestern part of Kenya is the ancestral land of the ancient Masai tribe. Therefore, the park lying on this land bears the same name. The Maasai people are very independent, they still keep the traditional foundations and order of life. Since ancient times, the most valuable thing for the Masai is livestock. What determines the nomadic way of life of the tribe, and they do not recognize the borders separating the modern territories of the states. They consider themselves the owners of their lands, they are ready to tell about themselves, demonstrate traditional dances, for a fee.

In addition to the Maasai, a great variety of animals, birds and reptiles live on this land. All of them also live according to their ancient laws of nature and are not afraid of people. We are already used to cars, so everyone in the park is doing their own thing. The tourists watch the animals, the animals watch the tourists, the Maasai tend their flocks. Numerous herds of zebras, and the largest population of lions in all of Africa.

Wildebeest migration

A seasonal event that takes place twice a year in the Masai Mara.

It happens like this: in July, when the rains passed and young grass turned green in Mara, 1.5 million of these powerful animals begin to migrate from the south (Serengeti National Park, Tanzania) to the north. During the movement, thunder rises, and nothing can stop this avalanche, sweeping away everything in its path, including those who stumbled in the ranks of relatives. Integral companions of antelopes are predators who collect large prey these days. The climax of this whole movement comes when the antelopes cross the Mara River, which is the natural border between the two parks. And here they are waiting for crocodiles…

In October, everything is repeated in the opposite direction.
Truly this is a great show of nature!

Tsavo National Park

Imagine a National Park bigger than Jamaica. This is Tsavo.

Vast expanses of plains, the legendary Kenya-Uganda railway passes through this area, with which an unusual story is connected about the Tsavo man-eating lions, who hunted the road builders. There were 120 victims in total. But those days are gone. And the park again began to live a free life. Due to the proximity to the Indian Ocean, nature here changes a little, and the closer to the coast, the more striking the changes. This park is very convenient to combine with a holiday on the coast. There are very good conditions for rafting (season May and December)

Amboseli National Park

Located near the Masai Mara and the border with Tanzania. Amboseli is called the land of giants.

This area of ​​wide and desolate plains, where the horizon line merges with the sky. Amboseli is famous for its huge population of elephants.

But the most impressive giant is Kilimanjaro. The highest peak in Africa is located on the territory of Tanzania, but under good natural conditions, the most grandiose views of this giant appear before the astonished public on the territory of Amboseli. When the sun begins to set, its rays paint the volcano in an unreal purple color, iridescent in different shades, and the snowy peak is painted in pink tones. And against this background, a large herd of elephants crossing the desert plain of Amboseli – this is the eternal image of Africa. The territory of the park covers 400 km. sq.

Aberdare National Park

If we drive north from Nairobi, after about 165 (2.5 hours) kilometers, the majestic ridge of the Aberdare mountain range, overgrown with dense forests, diluted with mountain meadows, which is home to buffalo, elephants and leopards, rises before our eyes. A series of picturesque waterfalls adds to the attraction of this area.
There are cozy lodges on the territory of the park.

Since the terrain here is mostly mountainous, it is difficult to travel by car, and the places are very beautiful, so the sovereign gentlemen of these territories came up with hotels that are located on the tops of trees, and most importantly, next to water bodies. The whole joke is that, being on a special viewing platform, or directly from the room, you have the opportunity to watch the animals that walk nearby and come to the watering hole. Sometimes there are funny, and sometimes tragic scenes of animal life.

The English queen stayed at one of the Tree Tops hotels, and she really liked it there, and the owners are very proud of it, and they tell everyone, and there are photos, photos around…

National Parks of Kenya