Yearbook 2016

Nepal. After the government made a legislative change to the country’s new constitution, in February protesters lifted roadblocks at a border crossing to India. As a result, Nepal regained access to fuel and other supplies that the country suffered from a severe shortage since the blockade was introduced in September last year.

According to countryaah, the current population of Nepal is 29,136,819. The protesters mainly belonged to the Madheshi minority group from the plain along southern Nepal’s border with India. They were concerned that in connection with the new constitution, which came into force in the fall of 2015, they would be split up and not get sufficient representation in government and parliament. Nearly 60 people died in the protests.

Nepal Population 2016

In the same month, Nepal’s former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who is also the leader of Parliament’s largest party, passed the Nepalese Congress, 78 years old. When Koirala was elected head of government in 2014, he became the country’s seventh in order since 2008.

On the anniversary of the April 2015 earthquake disaster, when nearly 9,000 people lost their lives and around 22,000 were injured, mourners gathered to honor the memory of their loved ones. In the capital of Kathmandu, Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli led a day in the sign of sorrow and laid a wreath at the site of the famous stone tower Dharahara, which was one of the historical monuments destroyed in the masses.

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At the same time, around a hundred people gathered outside the Prime Minister’s office in Kathmandu to demonstrate that the reconstruction was going too slowly. In the earthquake, over 600,000 buildings were totally destroyed and nearly 300,000 were damaged. Last year, $ 4.1 billion was pledged from various donors such as India, China, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to help the affected areas. Due to political turmoil in the wake of the new constitution, only $ 500 was paid to 800 people in January, despite $ 2,000 being promised to every family that lost their home. In April, 4 million people still lived in temporary and substandard housing, according to the Red Cross, which, in association with several other humanitarian organizations, demanded that the government increase the rate.

Since the Nepali tax authority demanded Swedish telecom company TeliaSonera capital gains tax on the sale of its former subsidiary Ncell to Malaysian Axiata, Ncell paid SEK 750 million to the authority in May, after TeliaSonera rejected the tax claim. Actually, it is the seller who will pay the capital gains tax, but since Ncell lost big revenue as a result of a customer campaign in the form of the hashtag #notaxnoncell on Twitter, Ncell chose to deposit the money. According to the media, TeliaSonera had not only refused to pay the tax but also wanted to prohibit Axiata from doing so. At the same time, Axiata discussed the mood of TeliaSonera. Ncell has been working in Nepal since 2004 and is the country’s first private mobile operator.

In July, Prime Minister KP Oli filed a resignation application just minutes before a vote of no confidence in Parliament. The vote was preceded by the Maoist party leaving the government coalition a few weeks earlier, which meant that Oli’s government lost a majority in parliament. Oli came from the Communist Party of United Marxist Leninists and sat in power for nine months.

In August, Parliament appointed former guerrilla leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as “Prachanda”, as new prime minister. According to thereligionfaqs, Dahal is the leader of the Maoist Party, Parliament’s third largest party, and won the post of Prime Minister with the support of the Communist Party of Nepal Congress and several smaller parties. Dahal was prime minister even in 2008 after a major election victory for the Maoists, but resigned after nine months.

In the summer, Nepal was already severely affected by floods and landslides caused by heavy rains. At least 72 people lost their lives.