New Zealand 2016

Yearbook 2016

New Zealand. In March, New Zealand held a referendum on the country’s flag. The choice was between keeping the flag with the British Union flag in one corner or choosing a new flag in which Union Jack was replaced by a white fern. The vote, in which 67% of the country’s voters participated, resulted in just over 56% voting to retain the old flag.

According to countryaah, the current population of New Zealand is 4,822,244. A record seizure of 448 kg of methamphetamine was made in June at Ninety Mile Beach on the North Island. Three young men were arrested in connection with the seizure, whose value corresponded to around SEK 2.6 billion.

New Zealand Population 2016

According to thereligionfaqs, in November, New Zealand was hit by a powerful earthquake, which occurred about 9 miles north of Christchurch on the South Island. The quake, which was measured to magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale, was followed by several hundred aftershocks, the most powerful with magnitude 6.5. As a result of the earthquakes, according to the New Zealand Herald, 100,000 landslides were triggered from northern Canterbury to southern Marlborough. The most violent race hit the mouth of the Clarence River, where a dam was damaged and people living downstream were forced to leave their homes and move to higher locations. In the capital Wellington, electricity and water lines were broken while several buildings, bridges and roads were damaged.

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Even worse, the city of Kaikoura, which is also a popular tourist destination, hit. Due to landslides, the city with about 2,000 residents became completely isolated and more than 1,000 residents and tourists were moved to evacuation centers. Two people died in the earthquake.

In December, John Key surprisingly announced that he would leave his post as the country’s prime minister for personal reasons. The new prime minister was elected as the country’s former finance minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bill English.

New Zealand – Wellington


Wellington, capital of New Zealand; 215,400 residents (2018). Wellington is located on the southern North Island, at a deep cove of the Cook Strait. Port Nicholson Port is considered to be one of the world’s best natural ports.

Wellington is the country’s administrative, scientific and cultural center, including a university (founded in 1899) and a symphony orchestra. The central location makes Wellington the country’s premier transport hub, and together with the neighboring cities of the Hutt Valley in the Northeast, Wellington is also an important industrial region with the manufacture of primarily transport, machinery, textile and rubber products, and chemical products and food. International airport is available.

A settlement named after the Duke of Wellington was founded on the site in 1840 by the British New Zealand Company. It obtained city rights in 1853, and in 1865 the seat of the New Zealand government was moved there from Auckland.