North Kingstown, Rhode Island

North Kingstown, Rhode Island is a small town of about 22,000 people located in the Washington County region of the state. The town is situated on Narragansett Bay and is bordered by North Providence, South Kingstown, and East Greenwich. The geography of North Kingstown is mostly flat with a few hills in the northern part of town. The climate in North Kingstown is typical for the Northeast; cold winters and hot summers with moderate humidity.

The history of North Kingstown dates back to 1641 when it was founded as Kings Towne by Samuel Gorton and his followers. It was incorporated in 1674 as Kings Towne and was later renamed to North Kingstown in 1723. The town has seen its share of politics over the years; it was a part of the original British colony before becoming part of Rhode Island during the Revolutionary War. Today, North Kingston’s politics are largely dominated by local issues such as economic development and education reform initiatives.

The economy of North Kingston is largely based on tourism, fishing, manufacturing, retail trade, and services. There are numerous seafood restaurants located throughout town that draw tourists from all over New England each year. Manufacturing plays an important role in the local economy as well; there are several factories that produce items ranging from furniture to electronics to clothing items.

North Kingston has two public school districts: Chariho Regional School District which serves students in grades K-12 and Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School District which serves students from grades 6-12 as well as some elementary schools within its district boundaries. Both school districts have earned high ratings for their educational programs from national organizations such as U.S News & World Report for their excellence in academics and extracurricular activities for students at all grade levels.

In terms of landmarks, there are several notable sites located throughout North Kingston including Fort Wetherill State Park which offers stunning views of Narragansett Bay; Quonset Point Air Museum which houses a variety of aircraft from different eras; Jamestown Windmill which dates back to 1787; Gilbert Stuart Birthplace & Museum which honors one America’s most famous portrait painters; Smith’s Castle which offers tours detailing colonial life in Rhode Island during the 1700s; and many more fascinating attractions that help make up this unique city’s history and culture!

North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Population: 26,326. Estimated population in July 2020: 27,093 (+2.9% change)
Males: 12,750 (48.4%), Females: 13,576 (51.6%)

Washington County

Median resident age: 38.7 years
Median household income: $60,027
Median house value: $165,700

Races in North Kingstown:

  • White Non-Hispanic (94.7%)
  • Hispanic (1.8%)
  • Two or more races (1.3%)
  • American Indian (1.0%)
  • Black (1.0%)
  • Other race (0.5%)

Ancestries: Irish (25.8%), English (21.7%), Italian (16.4%), French (11.3%), German (9.5%), French Canadian (6.2%).

Elevation: 70 feet


North Kingstown, Rhode Island is a small town located in Washington County. It has a population of about 22,000 people and covers an area of 28 square miles. The population is mostly white, with some minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. The median household income is around $70,000 and the median home value is approximately $300,000.

The cost of living in North Kingstown is slightly higher than the US national average. Groceries are more expensive than the US average, as are utilities and transportation costs. However, healthcare costs are lower than the national average. Renting an apartment in North Kingstown can range from $1,200 to $2,500 per month depending on location and amenities. Property taxes are also higher than the US average due to local taxes that fund schools and infrastructure improvements.

Overall, North Kingstown offers a safe and beautiful place to live with good access to jobs and recreation opportunities. The cost of living may be slightly higher than other areas but it also comes with good schools and a low crime rate which makes it worth it for many people who choose to live there.

For population 25 years and over in North Kingstown

  • High school or higher: 91.5%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 40.3%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 14.0%
  • Unemployed: 3.6%
  • Mean travel time to work: 25.4 minutes

For population 15 years and over in North Kingstown town

  • Never married: 23.5%
  • Now married: 58.6%
  • Separated: 1.3%
  • Widowed: 5.7%
  • Divorced: 10.9%

3.4% Foreign born (1.2% Europe, 0.9% Latin America, 0.8% Asia, 0.4% North America).

Population change in the 1990s: +2,422 (+10.1%).


Hospitals/medical centers near North Kingstown:

  • NEWPORT HOSPITAL (about 12 miles; NEWPORT, RI)


Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to North Kingstown:

  • THEODORE FRANCIS GREEN STATE (about 12 miles; PROVIDENCE, RI; Abbreviation: PVD)
  • GROTON-NEW LONDON (about 43 miles; GROTON NEW LONDON, CT; Abbreviation: GON)
  • WORCESTER REGIONAL (about 57 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Abbreviation: ORH)

Other public-use airports nearest to North Kingstown:

  • QUONSET STATE (about 6 miles; NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI; Abbreviation: OQU)
  • RICHMOND (about 12 miles; WEST KINGSTON, RI; Abbreviation: 08R)
  • NEWPORT STATE (about 15 miles; NEWPORT, RI; Abbreviation: UUU)

Amtrak stations near North Kingstown:

  • 9 miles: KINGSTON (WEST KINGSTON, FAIRGROUNDS RD.). Services: ticket office, enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, free short-term parking, free long-term parking, call for car rental service, call for taxi service, public transit connection.
  • 20 miles: PROVIDENCE (100 GASPEE ST.). Services: ticket office, fully wheelchair accessible, enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, snack bar, ATM, paid short-term parking, paid long-term parking, call for car rental service, taxi stand, public transit connection.

Colleges and Universities

Note: See jibin123 for a list of Rhode Island graduate schools.

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to North Kingstown:

  • UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND (about 7 miles; KINGSTON, RI; Full-time enrollment: 11,759)
  • COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF RHODE ISLAND (about 11 miles; WARWICK, RI; Full-time enrollment: 8,650)
  • NEW ENGLAND INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (about 11 miles; WARWICK, RI; Full-time enrollment: 2,419)
  • ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY (about 17 miles; BRISTOL, RI; Full-time enrollment: 3,007)
  • JOHNSON & WALES UNIVERSITY (about 19 miles; Providence, RI; Full-time enrollment: 8,218)
  • RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN (about 19 miles; PROVIDENCE, RI; Full-time enrollment: 2,086)
  • BROWN UNIVERSITY (about 20 miles; PROVIDENCE, RI; Full-time enrollment: 7,460)


Public high school in North Kingstown:

  • NORTH KINGSTOWN SR. HIGH (Students: 1,480; Location: 150 FAIRWAY; Grades: 09 – 12)

Public primary/middle schools in North Kingstown:

  • DAVISVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL (Students: 630; Location: 200 SCHOOL STREET; Grades: 06 – 08)
  • WICKFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL (Students: 450; Location: 250 TOWER HILL ROAD; Grades: 06 – 08)
  • HAMILTON SCHOOL (Students: 431; Location: 25 SALISBURY AVENUE; Grades: KG – 05)
  • STONY LANE EL. SCHOOL (Students: 419; Location: 825 STONY LANE; Grades: KG – 05)
  • FOREST PARK EL. SCHOOL (Students: 268; Location: 50 WOODLAWN DRIVE; Grades: KG – 05)
  • FISHING COVE EL. SCHOOL (Students: 267; Location: 110 WICKFORD POINT ROAD; Grades: PK – 05)
  • QUIDNESSETT SCHOOL (Students: 257; Location: 166 MARK DRIVE; Grades: KG – 05)
  • WICKFORD SCHOOL (Students: 237; Location: 99 PHILLIPS STREET; Grades: KG – 05)
  • DAVISVILLE SCHOOL (Students: 180; Location: 50 EAST COURT; Grades: KG – 03)


Library in North Kingstown:

  • NORTH KINGSTOWN FREE LIBRARY (Operating income: $1,069,249; Location: 100 BOONE STREET; 92,951 books; 2,923 audio materials; 3,344 video materials; 260 serial subscriptions)