The New Alpine Couture Is There – Top Stylish with a Traditional Heart

Today, there are two things we would like to introduce to you: this year’s collection our site DESIGN alpine couture by Wolfgang Joop and me, the new blogger for the our site Blog, Eva. As an ambitious, ambitious Rhinelander I am looking forward to accompanying you for exciting events, to introduce the latest trends and to write about the colorful world of the Our site. Barely arrived in the blogger team, the exclusive preview of the Alpine Couture Outfits is already going to Munich. Steffi and me in the Bavarian mode metropole receive a radiant sunshine. The air crackles with suspense in Schuhbeck’s South Tyrolean Stuben, where all journalists, photographers and bloggers (including Lola Finn , Fanning and Fashiioncarpet ) wait for the Star designer Wolfgang Joop and the presentation of the new costume collection by our site DESIGN by Wolfgang Joop.

The New Alpine Couture Is There - Top Stylish with a Traditional Heart

Flashing lightning flashes as the creative partner of the Our site with its models in the beautiful rokoko-inspired costumes appears. From all sides we admire the Star designer and the lovingly designed Wiesn-Outfits of velvet, silk and lace, which combine tradition, naturalness and femininity. Wolfgang Joop’s attention to detail is revealed in the pretty hole embroidery, delicate relief lace, glittering mother-of-pearl buttons and satin loops. The traditional costume is skilfully re-interpreted as a fashionable highlight which not only attracts attention at the Oktoberfest. Combined with a jeans jacket, high heels or punk leather boots, the dirndl can be worn for any occasion, even salonability.
Wolfgang Joop tells us how he discovered his passion for the mix of traditional and modern. At that time in GDR times, his parents could not fulfill his every fashion wish. So he used to be a schoolboy for his grandfather’s country fashion, combined knitted jackets with deerhorn buttons and corduroy trousers, and put his classmates in style.

We are also enthusiastic about the traditional model Dirndl of the brand our site DESIGN by Wolfgang Joop, which is always the right time for every occasion – whether for a party, a Sunday picnick or the Oktoberfest. With stylish accessories and the stylish fashion accessories of the brand our site DESIGN the outfit can be varied infinitely as you like it. We are going to have the most colorful ideas going through the heads of Wolfgang Joop’s side, as we would wear the Dirndl, and we are already looking forward to the exclusive availability of the collection in many Our site stores as well as in our on line shop Is.