Yearbook 2016

Togo. According to countryaah, the current population of Togo is 8,278,735. The Togo government was criticized during the year by the opposition for failing to fulfill its pledge to hold local elections, which was last held in 1986. election date.

Togo Population 2016

The government’s work on human rights has stalled in recent years, according to a critical report by the human rights group Amnesty International. Freedom of expression remained limited, for example, journalists and human rights defenders risk being arbitrarily arrested. The security forces were also blamed for torture and violence.

At a summit in Togo in October, 31 African countries adopted the Lomé Treaty on increased maritime safety, including combating crime at sea as pirates and human and drug smuggling.

The presidential consultations (June 1998) therefore took place in a climate of suspicion: the new victory of Eyadéma (52 % of the votes) was the subject of lively disputes – in particular by supporters of the UFC leader, G. Olympio, according to with 34 % – immediately silenced by the government. In protest, the opposition organized a boycott of the legislative elections (March 1999): without opponents, the RPT obtained a landslide victory, winning 58 seats out of the 59 available.

At the heart of Togo’s foreign policy was the improvement, starting from February 1994, of the difficult relations with neighboring Ghana. In November diplomatic relations between the two countries were re-established (interrupted since 1982); in the following month the border, which had been closed for 11 months, was reopened. In July 1995 the two nations joined the non-aggression protocol between the member countries of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States). In August, in agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the repatriation of exiles from Ghana and Benin began: in December 1996 about 40,500 had been repatriated from GhanaTogolese, out of a total of 48,000.

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In terms of contacts with European countries, the rapprochement with France, which came to cancel part of the country’s conspicuous debt (May 1995), was of considerable importance.


According to thereligionfaqs, the climate in Togo is tropical and humid all year round with average temperatures of 30 ° C in the north and 27 ° C on the coast in the south. There is only a slight cooling at night. In the north there is almost a savannah climate. It gets hottest in February and March. In December and January the dusty harmattan blows from the north.

In the north there is a rainy season from May to October of the West African monsoon, which reaches its greatest intensity in August. This is also the coolest month with midday temperatures of around 30 ° C. January is the driest, when the humidity is around 22%. The average temperatures are then around 35 ° C, with around 39 ° C being reached at lunchtime in March.

There are two rainy seasons in the south, from April to June and from September to November. The rainiest months are June and October. The humidity in June is around 80 percent. The driest month is December. It is warmest in March with midday temperatures around 32 ° C. The coolest month is August with temperatures of around 27 ° C.