Yearbook 2016

Tuvalu. In May, Apisai Ielemia, Prime Minister 2006-10 and Member of Parliament since 2010, was sentenced to twelve months in prison for, among other things, corruption during his time as head of government. According to the judgment, Ielemia would only serve his punishment on the weekends.

According to countryaah, the current population of Tuvalu is 11,803. The month after the verdict was annulled by another judge. Despite releasing Ielemia from the corruption charges, Supreme Court President Charles Sweeney declared he had lost his seat in Parliament, something the former prime minister disputed. In October, Ielemia organized a manifestation to demand Sweeney’s departure, but Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga ordered that the protest be held only on Ielemia’s site.

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Tuvalu Population 2016

In April, the World Bank announced that it would contribute another $ 3 million to improve Tuvalu’s international airport. According to thereligionfaqs, a new terminal will be built, navigation systems upgraded and a fire truck purchased.